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Solo Exhibition: Parlor ATL

Vivian Liddell: In Search of Lost Time

A One-Day Solo Exhibition at Parlor ATL

Friday, November 4th, 7 - 10 PM


Artist Statement:

This show came out of its materials. It started with yarn. My grandmother is 95 years old and has severe dementia. She doesn’t talk much when I’m around, other than to ask the same questions over and over about my sons. (“Is she left handed?” is a favorite.) She lives every other month with my parents and my mother tells me stories of her nights—how my grandmother gets dressed at two in the morning to meet the dead, or go for a drive in a car that she no longer has. She spends the limited waking hours of her days working on puzzles, watching game shows, and crocheting chains from balls of yarn—because she can’t follow a pattern. She sees the yarn that she has crocheted, sitting on my mother’s couch and asks what is this? My mother answers her it’s yours, mother. Then my grandmother will pick up the yarn, start crocheting where she left off, and continue to ask as she works—why am I doing this? I told my mother I could use the chained balls of yarn for an art project. Now that’s how she answers my grandmother: it’s for Vivian’s art.

The chains are made of brightly colored, soft yarn that my grandmother enjoys handling. Her therapist says working on the chains is great for her hand-eye coordination. But when I see the yarn, I feel my grandmother’s frustration at all the things she can’t remember. Mostly I feel sadness for a person who has a whole life that appears to her only in glimpses. As I am working on these pieces, I think about her confusion, her life, and the memories (good and bad) lost.

Marcel Proust starts his masterpiece (In Search of Lost Time) by asking readers to think of the circular, sometimes broken, way we see memories as we doze in and out of sleep, only sorting things out in a linear way as we wake into ourselves and are finally able to place our location, our time, and our thoughts. I imagine my grandmother’s mind to be somewhat like this half-dream state, a series of impressions that dip in and out of the past, combining her lived worlds. 


862 Vedado Way NE, Atlanta, Georgia




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to Aug 5

Solo Exhibition at Eyedrum: In the Hall of the Mountain King

Vivian Liddell

In the Hall of the Mountain King

A Solo Exhibition, July 15 - Aug 5, 2017

Opening: July 15th (6-10PM)

Closing and artist talk: August 5th (7-9PM)



Vivian Liddell show at Eyedrum finds inspiration in famed Grieg musical suite

Atlanta, Georgia, June 3, 2017 — In the Hall of the Mountain King, a solo exhibition of sculptures, monotypes, and mixed-media paintings by Vivian Liddell, uses Edvard Grieg’s musical composition for the Henrik Ibsen play Peer Gynt as a starting structure. Liddell explores her family dynamics and connections to Danish folklore, as they relate to patriarchy, power, religion, and the American South. The show includes an audio accompaniment.

The paintings and monotypes start with staining. This formal process folds in narrative through the use of seemingly haphazardly embroidered fabric collage and the addition of materials typically associated with “bad” crafts, such as googly eyes, hook rugs, and macramé. Some of the paintings sprout 3-D elements made of soft sculpture, or they sit on the floor rather than hanging on the wall, playfully straddling the line between painting and sculpture.

Visitors to the show first encounter a soft-sculpture troll, whose silhouette is embroidered on the painting it stands before—immediately confronting viewers’ relationship to painting by humorous proxy, and inviting viewers to drop their art-related anxiety on the way in. Through narrative and through use of overtly feminist materials, Liddell’s work is both accessible and combative.

An opening reception (with Sno Cones!) for In the Hall of the Mountain King is set for 7 - 10 pm Saturday, July 15; the exhibition is to remain on view through August 5; the artist will celebrate her birthday during a closing reception slated for 7 - 9 pm Saturday, August 5. Vivian Liddell is available for interview. Images for this exhibition are available upon request.

This program is supported in part by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Atlanta.

Eyedrum operates with the generous support of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Fulton County Arts and Culture.

Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery is a nonprofit artist-run collective, based in Atlanta, that fosters the experimental and avant-garde across disciplines to create opportunities for dialogue, collaboration, and growth in the contemporary art community.

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to Jun 3

M4: Second Severn Crossing MINT at HATHAWAY Contemporary Gallery

Juried by Victoria Camblin, Editor + Artistic Director of Art Papers

ON VIEW: April 22 – June 3, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION: April 22, 2017, 6-9PM

HATHAWAY Contemporary Gallery, 887 Howell Mill Rd. #4, Atlanta, GA 30318

Atlanta, Georgia – MINT is pleased to present M4: Second Severn Crossing, our 4th annual juried exhibition, hosted by HATHAWAY Contemporary Gallery, opening April 22, 2017. MINT Executive Director Erica Jamison says, “We are so pleased to be working with Hathaway in their incredible space presenting stellar works for this exhibition. Our juror had an incredibly difficult task narrowing down over 2,200 entries from more than 300 artists.”

Juried by Art Papers Editor + Artistic Director, Victoria Camblin, this exhibition will feature works from eleven emerging artists across the U.S. Camblin says, “The artists selected for this showcase of emerging talent are working across a diversity of styles and media, including sculpture, painting, fiber arts, ceramics, and video. Their works come together to create an uncanny atmosphere, in which our world and our selves are explored through dreams, through the imaginary, and through parallel and alternative realities."

Featured artists are: Catherine Chang, Victoria Dugger, Cangshu Gran, Alessandra Hoshor, Keiff Jones, Alexander Kerr, Vivian Liddell, Jaymerson Payton, Courtney Sanborn, Daesup Song, and Zipporah Thompson.

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6:00 PM18:00
to Jan 21

Full House at the Lyndon House Arts Center

VIVIAN LIDDELL FOOT OF MOUNTAIN 2016 Sewn fabric and spraypaint on monotype 8 x 8" Available for purchase at the Lyndon House Arts Center




Sewn fabric and spraypaint on monotype

8 x 8"

Available for purchase at the Lyndon House Arts Center

Opening Reception:  November 17, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
On View: November 17, 2016 - January 21, 2017

The Lyndon House Arts Center presents Full House, a biennial exhibition
of artwork by members of the groups and guilds that call the Lyndon
House Arts Center home.
Every other year, members of over 15 groups and guilds that meet at the
Lyndon House Arts Center are featured in the Full House exhibition,
including members of Athens Art Association, Athens Area Art Council,
Athens Fibercraft Guild, Metal Arts Guild, Photography Guild, Classic City
Woodturners, Charity Quilting Bee, Cotton Patch Quilters, Hand Spinners,
Lyndon House Arts Foundation, Modern Athens Quilts, Plein Air Painters
Group, Studio Painters, Teen Cartoon Club, and the Visual Arts Guild of
Athens. Over 100 artists are expected to have work in this year’s exhibit. 

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to Oct 4

Portable Nature Graphics (.PNG)

Southside Gallery

Oxford, MS


Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 22nd

Upside Presents, an affiliate of Southside Gallery, is pleased to announce Portable Nature Graphics (.PNG), a group show featuring work by Claire Whitehurst, Vivian Liddell, Alexander Valentine, Patrick Brien, and Jennifer Macdonald, and curated by Hannah Spears. The exhibition will take place in the upstairs gallery from September 15 to October 4, 2015.

Living in the 21st century means grappling with, whether consciously or unconsciously, the new technologies that are rapidly coming to define contemporary culture. Technology has initiated a vital reconsideration of the ways artists choose to represent form. The most relevant contemporary artists produce work that critically engages the visual culture that has emerged alongside new technologies such as 3D printing, increasingly sophisticated computer software, and notably, the internet, without necessarily making art about these technologies. The works selected for Portable Nature Graphics (.PNG) incorporate this new aesthetic sensibility to playfully re-imagine visual representations of natural form.

Download PDF of full Press Release here.

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to Oct 10



A group exhibition curated by Georgia Strange for the Women's Caucus For Art of Georgia

Lyndon House Art Center

293 Hoyt St.

Athens GA  30601

September 10, 2015 - Opening Reception and Artist talk - 6 to 8pm

September 17 -  Our first Draw Table - 6 to 8pm - An evening of collaborative community drawing with exhibiting artists and members of the WCAGA (6 artists present)

October 10, 2015 - Draw Table - Our 2nd Drawing Marathon from 1 to 4pm

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to Aug 7


Continuing in the tradition of DEER BEAR WOLF’s mission to celebrate all that is Atlanta, OCULARIS, an art exhibition curated by Katie Troisi, is a diverse collection of new work from 19 Atlanta artists ranging from traditional painting and illustration to mixed media sculpture and video to installation and projection mapping.

Opening Reception:  July 17th, 6 - 11 PM

Mammal Gallery


91 Broad St SW, Atlanta GA

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