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Spring Pentaculum at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Vivian Liddell is a fibers/textiles artist for the 2019 Spring Pentaculum at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.


Pentaculum is an incredible event at Arrowmont that is specifically designed to provide artists with unfettered time and space to work alongside peers, friends and colleagues. The Event grew from Jason Burnett’s Ceramic Surface Forum, an invitational retreat that brought together 15-20 ceramic artists to the Arrowmont clay studio during the first week in January in 2012.  From there, the event has grown into four additional visual art medias – fibers/textiles, metals, 2-D arts and wood/sculpture – as well as a retreat experience for writers.  The opportunity provides an intimate atmosphere for meaningful dialogue and social activities and offers space for individual artistic growth alongside the opportunity to strengthen and build meaningful relationships within the art and craft field. At this time, the Pentaculum experience is by invitation only from one of the five Pentaculum coordinators or Arrowmont staff, but anyone who is interested in the opportunity is encouraged to contact Nick Deford, Arrowmont Program Director at

Later Event: June 6