Sandler Hudson

25 - Donna Mintz—Reflections on the Sublime through Storytelling and the Visual Arts by Vivian Liddell

Donna Mintz on her artwork:

They are glass plate negatives— from late 1800s to around 1910 or 12 are the dates that I’ve seen on them— that I got at a flea market in Chelsea New York, in lower Manhattan. … I bought the first one thinking “I don’t know but one day I’m going to do something with this” because It was a forest and I love the scene. And I put gold leaf on the back of them. And they end up being the one object in this whole exhibition that I think captures that exact idea I’m trying to capture—which is that a memory, a moment in time so finite and fleeting has been made permanent. First by the photographer by fixing this image…that was then maybe printed, maybe not. Who knows where the photograph is… cast off and I found 120 years later!? And made into what I think is a beautiful object that has the gravitas of an important memory. To me they’re not— because I don’t know even where they were made. But I’ll say, I just love them. 

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