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21 - Living Melody Collective—Haylee Anne & Angela Bortone on the Collective: Working Together by Vivian Liddell

Haylee Anne on the Living Melody Collective’s process of making the mural for the Center for Civil and Human Rights:

A big part of this mural … was [calling out] redlining. The city of Atlanta has maps for every district and even more than that, every area of every district. And they categorize land by color— which is not uncommon for areas that are often trying to segregate without using the word segregation. So, you know, areas would be delineated in green if they were considered good, yellow if it was fair, black if was unusable, red if it was poor… and so we took those district maps and we also incorporated [them] into the mural. 

… The mural became this like kind of home base project…where everyone could kind of come and go work on the project, but also bring their kids and feel this sense of community and just not have to worry about that aspect of childcare.

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