18 - Courtney Sanborn—Embroidering Contemporary Narratives with a nod to the Medieval / by Vivian Liddell

Courtney Sanborn and Vivian Liddell in the back room at the Mint Gallery

Courtney Sanborn and Vivian Liddell in the back room at the Mint Gallery

Peachy Keen caught up with Texan turned New Hampshirite Courtney Sanborn on a Thursday afternoon in the back room of Atlanta’s MINT Gallery.

Sanborn’s embroidered “episodes” are informed by a strange and wonderful mix of situational narratives and art historical imagery. She explains the iconography (lots of friends and demons!) of her work in progress, how her musings on parenthood are related to Goya’s Caprichos and why she temporarily gave up the loaded process of painting for the freedom of embroidery.

We bond as two gals who work with male nudes, she explains how the penis sometimes functions as a prehensile tail in her work, and we get the lowdown on Coach Royce, the gym sled and the world of competitive power lifting.


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